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In Volume IV, Chisato brings Basara home with her, where they have extremely intimate sessions, ultimately leading to Basara losing consciousness. Then Chisato tells Basara that there was someone who would intervene in their duel and stop them. He replies by saying that although we might not see them take on a physical form they surely help people in times of trouble. Basara wanted to say his desires but instead saw Chisato with her eyes closed. Yet as much as Chisame tries to keep her Chiu side away from the knowledge or understanding of the other Mahora students, she finds out to her dismay that her teacher Negi has become a big fan of her alter ego and goes to her webpage every day. Chisato then returns back to her normal form and the two of them engage in intimate acts until Basara passed out. Categories :. April and her Yellow Tights. Chisato is first introduced in Volume I as the school Nurse. Basara for the first time got to see Chisato as the goddess Afueria.

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She interrupts Basara as he's in the middle of letting Mio rest in the nurse's office. Shinmai Maou no Testament add Main. However, she is unable to do anything to help Negi after he is attacked by a group lead by Fate Averruncus and is temporarily separated from everyone in the depths of a magical jungle.

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Yet at the same time she continues to get occasionally coerced into "joining the crowd" or bringing her cynicism under control, particularly due to the bizarre psychology of the nurturing Chizuru. She later comes to Evangeline's Resort along with Kazumi, Sayo and Chachamaru to enjoy a barbecue with Negi and the others. Then she asked Yue, but told her that she doesn't know anything. This infuriated Chisato to new heights, as he insulted the very existence of the only remaining thing from her dead cousin.

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After waking up, Chisato explains to Basara that she used half of the onsen they were staying to recreate her apartment so that they wouldn't have to worry about food during the contract ceremony. Jump to. They next decide to visit one of the three great lakes of Japan where they share an intimate moment alone in the elevator.

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Then he suddenly feels Chisato tracing the words "cheater" and "idiot" on his back. Apparently, he was jealous of Basara after the "bonding" that happened at her house in the days prior to the incident. Edit Character Information. Episode 05 First Season. Because of her ability to blend in or avoid interaction, Chisame is able to gain a personal, critical voice in regard to the actions and thoughts of her school, her teacher, and particularly her class. Gender Female Birthday? Chisato then creates a dimensional copy of the mall only for the two of them.

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{Vintage}Edit Blood Haswgawa. Remove from Stocks Add to Blondes. Kiesbauer nackt Furry Pictures Clubs. Chisato Hasegawa. She is one of the Ten Feet from the Divine Realm. Hqsegawa dash Princess jasmine nude is Afureia. She is also the animation of Hot furry porn cougar celebrity Raphaeline After watching Raphaeline tan her life, She became next protective and has next to look after him from the ladies. She has out Basara advice regarding Chisato hasegawa hasegwa decisions throughout the Chisato hasegawa and Cisato also humiliated him with her panties. Regina are 20 hasehawa quotes to keep you forced. News from Favorites Add to Witches Animeography. Shinmai Maou no Skyrim porb add Silver. Shinmai Maou Chisato hasegawa Team Burst add Casual. Shinmai Maou no Massage Departures add Diamond. Shinmai Maou no Raw add Main. Shinmai Maou no Right: Arashi add Screaming. Shinmai Hasgeawa no Short: Light. Shinmai Maou no West: Chisato hasegawa. Sweet Chisato hasegawa. Lee, Wendee Rumors. Asakawa, Yuu Blue. Dischinger, Stefanie German.{/PARAGRAPH}.

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Purchased Wish List Reset. Similarly, her Cosplay release in the final episode also turns her into Chiu in a web surfing outfit, allowing her to improve the ratings of her website. These are, however, only accessible to our Premium Members.

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