Top 10 favorite pokemon. How It Works (23 Photos)

It doesn't even have a face! And once again, just look at that design and try to say no to it. Want to create your own favorite picker? I love Meowstic's male version, but damm, the female version is absolutely adorable. All the fun, pop-culture references to various sci-fi media is fun to take in, even if I don't get all of them. But Toxapex? Look at those arms and tell me you wouldn't give it a hug!

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Magnezone, of course, also has a solid movepool and typing, which does help its cool factor, but ultimately, when judging a Pokemon, designs and aesthetics are probably going to be my first choices. I love how Pokemon like Xurkitree don't feel "unnatural," really. Reducing the maximum batch size may make it easier to pick, but it will also take longer to get through each round.

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Sorry Primarina! Not sure why I like this Pokemon, but I guess it looked really cool to me. Contents [ show ].

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I never had an Absol on my Alpha Sapphire playthrough, but Absol is fucking amazing, design wise and stat wise. And a thing for otherworldly horrors. Look at that smile!

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Yeah, being a giant floating ice cream cone might not get you too many fans, but dang it, I'm going to love this fella anyway and there is nothing you can do to stop me! When you hear the idea of "massive, floating psychic cell," chances are your first instinct for a Pokemon design would be something really freaky and horrifying which you know I'd already love. But Toxapex? Generations: All I. I honestly like the concept and design of this Pokemon. Sign In Don't have an account? Categories :. For now, let's talk about how cool this one is! Saying stupid or offensive shit does not mean you can slap this template on there to defend against any arguments you may receive!

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It's a really creative spin on a really cool animal from the real world, that I just have to appreciate. Reducing the maximum batch size may make it easier to pick, but it will also take longer to get through each round. Epic design, dragon-type favorite type , and was in Super Smash Bros. It's apparently one of the first Pokemon designed by a westerner, and actually resembles a 99 Flake, a popular type of ice cream from the UK, which is pretty neat.

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Grass is my favourite type, I love the design, and I've had an emotional attachment to him since the first time I played Emerald. Sorry Primarina! I hope the fan reaction to these leaks might give Gelanla a second chance, an alternate to Tangrowth I can throw on my team and love and feed beans, but for the time being, she's one of the Pokemon that didn't make it.

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