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Iori Minase and Haruka Amami. Xenoglossia The Idolmaster episodes Puchimas! Archived from the original on August 10, Shizuka na Yoru ni Negai o Chihaya reveals to Haruka that she became an idol to sing in memory of her late brother who loved her singing, but because of the revelation of her past, she is so traumatized that if she is unable to sing, Chihaya wants to leave Production Studios. Originally produced by Production, Jupiter was created by Kuroi as an idol unit to counter Pro's rise in popularity. Works with. With the crowd praising her performance, the sound technician decides to not give in to Kuroi and to play her music. Boku-tachi no Resistance. However, she does tell the Producer if she ever does a comeback as an idol, she wants him to be her producer.

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But humorous situations arise when Haruka accidentally smacks herself on the face just as she opens an ice cream box, forcing Chihaya to hold her laughter. The entertainment industry interprets the photos as meaning that Takane is transferring to Elder Records. As a result, Haruka returns to musical rehearsals to channel her grief into her role and wins the lead from Miki.

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The fourth up is the moody girl wonder, Chihaya Kisaragi. Taiyou no Jealousy. Redirected from Chihaya Kisaragi. As Haruka runs back to Production studios, the idols make a live broadcast announcing their New Year's concert and apologizing to Haruka for not realizing what she was doing.

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From project-imas. Sometime in Episode 21, they left Pro to start on their own after finding out about Kuroi's dirty tactics. Chihaya in Live for You! Petit Idolmaster episodes Beyond the Brilliant Future!

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Sagan Tosu. The entertainment industry interprets the photos as meaning that Takane is transferring to Elder Records. On the other segments, Miki is trying to flirt with the Producer much to his and Ritsuko's chagrin, Yukiho forces the helpless Makoto to try on male clothes, Yayoi messes up the weather report, Ami and Mami are unable to finish the ramen Takane ordered, and Hibiki gets lost. From project-imas. Wooser no Sono Higurashi: Kakusei-hen add Supporting. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. Coincidentally, Miki and the photo crew have moved to where Azusa and everyone else are heading, and Miki convinces the photographer to take pictures of the wild chase. Glad to see this, Haruka reunites with her friends.

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Web Newtype. Cute Idols. Makoto also mentions noticing other things going missing from the 'fridge lately, which angers everyone else even further, and everyone begins chasing the twins. Haruka-san Matsuri add Supporting.

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Come nightfall, the Producer and the idols stay at a local inn where they enjoy a barbecue, have an outdoor bath, and play games. We can't wait to see what she's got! Before the show begins, Chihaya questions the Producer about the removal of the singing section. As Chihaya thanks her friends for caring about her, she asks them to let her sing her song a cappella.

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