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My Account. Jay quickly finds secret spy holes in the wall he tells everyone that it's Skylor's room and then Kai and Jay sit and watch for a bit she then uses her elemental power which appears to be fire, like Kai--a surprise that is noticed by the ninja who see her through a hidden passage in her wall. So sharp, so scaley. Samurai X-Treme. They could get close enough to Garmadon so Skylor can copy his Elemental Power to control the Colossus. The season started airing in Australia and Singapore in late June , with the sets being released on July 2 in Australia and August 1 in the United States. Vengeance is Mine! That night, she attempts to warm up to Kai by telling him her elemental power, but is unable to when Kai unexpectedly takes his leave. Skylor, the mysterious Master of Amber and daughter of Master Chen, has the uncanny ability to absorb and replicate the Elemental Power of others.

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Categories :. After Chamille's elimination, she warns Kai that the Ninja are playing a dangerous game and Chen will look for other ways to knock them out of the Tournament. Lets talk about The Dragons contains slight spoilers for season 9 Lets take a look at the dragons in season 1 They look kinda dumb, very plastic-y and their teeth too big for their damn mouth. As Kai and Skylor move to regroup with the other Masters, but they are captured by Kapau and Chope with a vengestone net.

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Lloyd tells him to destroy the Staff, but Kai begins to become corrupted by its power. Right at the moment of boarding, she catches the eye of Kai, despite her initial "cold" behavior. Pyro Vipers. Skylor as she appears in the Tournament App.

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Skylor takes the Ninja and the Elemental Masters to a hideout. Do you like this video? The following events occur after Jay made his final wish, and thus happened. The two were briefly interrupted by the arrival of Nya, whom was aghast to find Skylor there, as the Master of Water believed her to be the new Samurai X.

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Skylor was announced as one of the opponents of the next match, where she went up against Jacob , the Master of Sound in a vase-smashing match to find the Jadeblade. Under her father's command, she partook in the Tournament of Elements and served as Chen's spy in order to stir tension between the Ninja and the Elemental Masters. Unagami's Army. In the Underground Temple, Skylor witnessed the captured Masters being chained down into position and looked away, though Kai told her Chen still needed her power. Do you like this video? In her Anacondrai form, Skylor has purple skin covered by scales. The season started airing in Australia and Singapore in late June , with the sets being released on July 2 in Australia and August 1 in the United States. They arrive after Chen's army escaped to conquer Ninjago in time for Kai to support Zane's theory of facing his fear after he summoned a Titanium Dragon.

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Their moment is interrupted by Chen's announcement that the first round to find a Jade Blade has begun. Day of the Great Devourer. She hides her elemental power, however, saying "wouldn't you like to know?

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Skylor wanted to help them, but Nya cutting her off thinking she was offering them to-go boxes, leaving Skylor alone to finish the uneaten noodles. When the ceremony begins and Lloyd is brought in by Kapau and Chope, Chen has Skylor give up her powers, which leaves her with a headache. Big Trouble, Little Ninjago.

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