Modern warfare 3 loadouts. Best stealthy but deadly Mp7 loadout (13 Photos)

This class is for those who may not be skilled enough to run and gun in this game, but still want to be constantly on the move. Infinity Ward. However, the playing style can still bring instant success if you pick the right set of guns and attachments. This loadout is made as an Anti-Air loadout. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The flash grenade can be useful by tossing it inside of a building you know a player is camping and going in with the PKM and annihilating him. Comments are closed. This involves using two primary weapons, for both short range and longer range gunfights. While SMGs are normally not the type of weapon one would use for a slower, tactical, and longer range style of play, the MP5's stats make it viable enough to use in medium-range gunfights, especially when equipped with these attachments. This class comes courtesy of Ian 'Crimsix' Porter, the winningest Call of Duty professional who currently plays for the Dallas Empire franchise.

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It stops the enemy from healing back after taking explosive damage so it is especially useful for snipers who camp a lot. However, the playing style can still bring instant success if you pick the right set of guns and attachments. As for the perks and throwables, everything is pretty standard except he's gone with Double Time instead of E.

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Today in this guide we will focus on all of the best loadouts in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that you should at least try out once. Once you have reached Level 4 in Multiplayer you will unlock custom Loadouts and from that moment on you can create your loadouts. Infinity Ward. High Alert: This is a relatively defensive perk.

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One of best SMGs, and weapons overall, is the MP7 - a compact submachine gun that has a high fire rate, great control, and high agility, making it devastating in close-quarter engagements. Infinity Ward. This loadout is called the Jack of All Trades and without a doubt, it is a very powerful loadout. The Shotgun is extremely powerful not only for Run and Gun but also as an all-rounder.

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One of best SMGs, and weapons overall, is the MP7 - a compact submachine gun that has a high fire rate, great control, and high agility, making it devastating in close-quarter engagements. Primary Weapons. Each of these loadouts have their own sets of attachments, secondaries, perks, lethals, and tacticals. This is especially good for players who like to use the M4 in a particular way. Modern Warfare, unlike the previous few Call of Duty games has gone back to the roots of what made the franchise so great in the first place. Just throw the flash inside and wreak havoc with your M4A1. Keep in mind that these classes feature things that you may not have unlocked yet, in which case try to find suitable replacements that share similar properties and effects. You can pair this setup with Quick Fix , Ghost and the Shrapnel perks same as run and gun for the best quickscoping experience. Attach's loadout is similar to our own balanced class in that it offers decent boosts to accuracy, damage, range, and mobility while slightly hitting fire rate and control. As for the perks and throwables, everything is pretty standard except he's gone with Double Time instead of E.

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Best Loadouts for different playing styles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: Modern Warfare enables a ton of different playing styles for all types of players. Both the Knife secondary and Double Time perk allow for faster movement, while the Stim tactical gives players a way to heal faster when having to engage again right away after being hurt. Of course, when one stat is prioritized this heavily then at least a few others will take hits, and in this case those stats are accuracy, range, control. Classes the best utilize what the perk has to offer should feature two weapons that have different functions and uses, such as a sniper rifle and SMG, so you can perform well when engaging in gunfights across all ranges and distances.

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Double Time will increase mobility to move around to avoid shots from vehicles and Amped will help reload faster for the RPG as well. Here are some of the best loadouts for every different playing style in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Usually, you should focus on a balanced set of perks that can boost your damage while still keeping you safe from looming threats.

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