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This was a person Erza had never seen before. She shortly realizes that she needs to be the sacrifice to control the Magic Power and stop the explosion. Behind her, Kageyama was right behind her, rising from the ground. The anime design of this armor differs from the manga. He confesses his love for Erza, and then dies. After a few promises, she recites the rules when leaving Fairy Tail, and cries goodbye to them, hoping to see them again someday. Behind her, Erigor was floating in the wind, chuckling evilly. Back at the guild, Erza and others find out that Natsu and Gray were working together due to the request demanding so.

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What a pesky fly, you are," Erigor replied. We need your help! But now

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As her armors represented the walls around her heart, donning these clothes represented Erza opening her heart and breaking down the walls she'd built up to protect herself. Now I'm coming for you! Karacka stammered, "I'm sorry, I can't.

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Erza attempts to stop them but much to the shock of everyone else, she gets punched in the face by Natsu and Gray and angrily retaliates afterwards. With his attack stopped, Gray went for the offensive, his hands covered in a bluish mist. Erza interrupts their victory by reminding everyone their mission hasn't been complete, as they haven't saved the villagers from the curse. After Carla expresses her nightmare, the Jiggle Butt Gang praise themselves about how evil they are.

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Erza specializes in Requip Magic, and uses it to Requip not only armor, but different outfits as well. It is revealed that Erza has used Sea Empress Sword , a water sword, to counter Ajeel's sand ability. Eventually, by defeating other guilds and taking their maps of the Sky Labyrinth, they arrive at Domas Flau, but are informed that they are the last of the eight teams to make it. Her circle of swords comes toward the enemy, but she simply cuts them up and then destroys Erza's armor again. He was our own way out! From below it looks like a speck, but in the sky, it was Lisanna. As they battle continues, Meredy goes on to explain her rankings for people to kill, and says Gray Fullbuster is first, since he is the reason Ultear 's mother Ur was killed. Team Natsu. Your attacks can't pierce my wind!

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I've made watching the anime Deal Can since a while. But there' s something I didn't get from the go episodes I've watched:.

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Thunder God Tribe. She returns to the guild with the intention of discussing the matter with Makarov, only to learn that he is away at a meeting with the other guild masters in the country. Gray gasped to see her nursed arm.

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Hades doesn't know how he lost, until he feels that his heart had been destroyed somewhere on the ship. He quickly defeats Elfman and Gray. While drunk, she acts very aggressive towards others, as shown by her behavior towards her guildmates.

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